Galtia is primarily a flat continent, with highland steppe to the north. The landscape is known for its immense grasslands, ancient forests and green hills. However at its centre sits one of the most striking landmarks in all of Myr. Starbrite mountain is a geological mystery of sorts, it's a towering series of mountains rising out of the quaint landscape that form a circle around a larger central mountain. This beautiful landscape had been the source of conflict for hundreds of years before the developing civilizations and empires to the east started to lust for the bountiful Nivium deposits virtually flowing through the rivers in the Twinkling valley. New veins of the mysterious metal are still being found in the area to this day, but the site has obtained a heritage listing, and any industrial activity is prohibited.

While now the site makes an income solely through interstellar tourism, at the time of the Steel Renaissance every competing civilization on the mainland fought first over the channel between the mainland and the closest port to Starbrite, then over the baggage train to the mountain itself, then a bloody war over territory in the Valley, and finally a long sustained bureaucratic legal battle over land rights. Settlers that arrived as conquerors and extractors often became so obsessed with their holdings that they learned the common tongue of the land and assimilated, forgetting their past countries and families so that their wealth could grow. Today of course the land is owned by Galtia's government, however several plots of land that have been held by Romassi, or Abassan noble families over the generations are allowed to keep their land as a show of good faith and to demonstrate the multiculturalism that Galtia is known for.

The local name of the area protected by the circular mountain range is Twinkling Valley, but every culture in Myr has their own skewed version, in Jakhabban it is known as Tennkingvalee, in Abassi it is known as TinnukValem, in Romatuos and Altuos as 'Nivealle' and in Harkonin as Kaalvonin.