Romatuos birthplace of the legendary Romatenuon empire, the sons of fire. and fire is certainly what they know best. Their revolutionary strategies, writings, mathematics, science and philosophies shaped all of Myr and brought forth a golden age of enlightenment. But all of this was only possible because of the brilliant ruthlessness of their superior military technology and Mancery. For ice, wind and rock all bend down to enveloping all consuming flame.

The legend says that in the devastation that an Abassi Stormrider brought down upon a village that did not pay its due tribute in the land that would become Romatuos set the place afire, the peaceful man named Roh who had eaten only wheat and fruit his whole life and never set his hand to violence watched his wife and 8 children be consumed by the flames, but with the Nivium amulet around his neck that was to be the tribute the fires would not touch him, they whispered to him instead.

In that moment he screamed to the heavens, and his breath was fire hotter than the sun, it lit up the sky and before the cowardly Stormrider could escape his mount caught alight and streaked across the sky landing at the feet of Roh himself. He burned the rider to ashes in seconds and even as the fire crept up the feathers of the Golden Horus Roh ripped its heart out with his bare smoking hands and ate it.

From then on it is said Roh could spread about him wings of flame, and flying above his vanguard he went on to lead what would become the sons of flame to victory after victory against the Abassan empire, who soon came to fear this new Fyremancery and be apprehensive about deploying their valuable Horus' against him. But of course this is only a tale, a tale every boy in the old Romatenuon empire learned of their origins.

However much the Romatenuons might despise Abassi for its first empire, they did little to stop themselves from becoming their indistinguishable progenitor, flying mounts notwithstanding.

Although there is some very advanced philosophy that arose during the silver renaissance you wouldn't know it if you were acquainted with the most powerful Fyremances in the empires employ.

All Nivium use and manipulation (in the early Romatenuon empire)  was strictly business and anybody wanting to learn the art must be part of the standing army and practically swear away any allegiances and spend 15 years of their lives training to become red hot ruthless unquestionable death and ruin.

The fires of famous PyreKnights from the silver renaissance (2055) were measured to be hot enough to melt stone. A well trained FyreMance was worth hundreds of men and any that went rogue were a severe loss to the empire, at times so much power was invested into FyreMances that people began to forget who the real rulers were, this would lead to the formation of the Eastern Romatenuon empire, and the eventual fall of both empires.

A people of olive skin and black to brown hair, brown, green and amber eyes.