Bitter cold and ancient is the land of Harkonin, it is said that even the Abassan Stormriders of old did not even venture as far into this land as the Harkonians already had, their mounts feathers becoming stiff and freezing in the cruel cold air. This did not stop the Romatenuons however who could bring their fire with them. But what fire they could summon would not avail them when they tried to cross the Nvaaj mountain range, the greatest military failure of the Romatuos Epoch was when an entire Romassi army froze to death on the highland steppe.

Under fire they were from Harkonian archers, exposed and hungry and every now and then the terrifying Frostmancers would pay them a visit. The dozen that made it back to Romassi territory told a tale of the last FyreMancer of their unit who, in a cave in the heart of the Nvaaj did battle with a Harkonian Iceweaver, their battle shook the very mountain and as the Fyremancers last flames began to falter he sacrificed himself so that the loyal soldiers may live.

Deep in the inhospitable north did the Harkonian priests learn of the Frozen path, fasting and sitting for days in glacial caves and atop frozen peaks. Their philosophy states that to prolong the life of all things one must do ones best to slow down the decay of nature. In the frozen wastes nothing changes, things are eternal as long as heat and change never corrupt the infinite expanses of ice. An Iceweaver can only gain power from draining the world of heat, turning landscapes into frozen winter wonderlands. One of the most well known Temples in Harkonin is the SilentFall temple, an immense frozen waterfall whose temple is built into the ice itself, and whose Iceweavers work to keep it from thawing. Some of the more fanatical Iceweavers choose to freeze themselves in enormous blocks of ice to wait for a day when they are needed.

Some of the older frozen ones have been in a state of suspended animation for centuries, for such long periods of time that the remaining priests wonder if it will even be possible to bring them back from the brink.

Known for taming Mammoths and Polar Bears (with varying success )

A people of icy blood, white and blond hair, red and blue eyes and pale skin.