The westernmost area of Myr, an island nation.

At the northern end Galtia is pressured by Harkonian raiders to learn the Frozen Path, and in the south the Romatenuons spread their philosophy of fire. This dichotomy became an iconic symbol for Galtia when its ruling noble family (whose banner is a block of ice above a cloud of steam above a roaring fire) dismantled the nobility and instigated the first true democracy in 4477, the flag to this day resembles the ice steam and fire that was instrumental in Galtias conquest of its outer colonies when they invented the steam engine during the golden renaissance, Galtia soon after became the first true world power.

Hard work, freedom and a mix of extravagance and efficiency have become the most important aspects of a Galton's way of life and their ancient fortresses built by many a conquering empire and local lord alike cover the island. At its centre is Starbrite mountain, more of a crater than mountain but its importance in history cannot be understated. StarBrite mountain's Nivium deposits caused more grief for the peasantry than good, with every powerful nation in all of mainland Myr wanting a piece.  

A people of mixed race, with blonde brown and black hair, green, blue, brown, amber coloured eyes. pale olive and dark skin.