Dharma is a fertile southeastern land whose customs and culture evolved separately from those of the Romassi and Abassan empires.

Their written and spoken language is especially different to their western counterparts, as is their early adoption of the endeavor of empirical science. For thousands of years everything about them was a mystery, their only contact with the rest of the world was their tributes to Stormriders that were spread throughout the world as a result of trade routes. 

The early wars between Abassi and Romatuos were somewhat inconclusive, with one gaining and loosing land over and over again. Fifteen years into the war between the two powers from the misty mountainous region of Dharma a new unheard of military marvel was unleashed.

In secret the Dharmese had been capturing, breeding and training their own flying mounts ever since the first Stormrider landed to demand a tribute several hundred years ago. They were a breed of flying reptiles with the power to conduct electricity much in the same way certain Eels do. And upon them rode a new type of Mancer, a Thundermancer, who had the ability to throw bolts of lightning like a spear.