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A vast culture exists on a distant world, at its peak spanning the entire planet. Above all else the people of this culture value knowledge, the preservation of which is their most sacred practice. This site represents a small part of the huge amount of information in storage on Arhka, known universally as the Arkhadia.

For as long as humanity has existed, there have been people who seek to learn from the mistakes of the past so that they may not be repeated. The people who cultivate and sort through the Arkhadia's boundless data have documented the rise of humanity and the turmoil on the original planet, Myr.

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Myr is an extensive fictional universe which spans from the beginning of time to the very end of time, of which the Arkhadia has recorded the evolution of a race of Men from their humble beginnings to their eventual greatness among the stars.

While providing a cohesive narrative from beginning to end, the universe created by Inverse attempts to explore fantasy, science fiction, philosophy and religion at all points in this world's development.

We aspire to create many games, set in different periods of time with completely different characters and mechanics. Each game will provide players with additional information about the universe of Myr, with the aim of telling the story of a holistic and intricately woven complex universe with references to events that happen in the past and future on our timeline.

Myr is the name of the first planet that humanity originated from, as it is the name of the continent that was the cradle of civilization.

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We have created this wikia to be able to organise our understanding of the universe we are creating. Over time this wikia will be added to, detailing many places, peoples and time periods that may be the focus of future games. We consider this wikia to be full of possible "spoilers" but feel it should not detract from the games even if known. Spoiler tags will be present at the top of pages that contain information that could ruin a game currently released.

Enjoy reading through the universe we are slowly but surely populating with everything imaginable.

- Inverse development team

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